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Creating New Traditions: How to Celebrate Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice!!!

Originally the Winter Solstice was celebrated by festivals with communal fires celebrating the return of the light after the longest night of the year. The point at which the Earth's poles reaches it's maximum tilt away from the Sun. The Winter Solstice also overlaps the traditional celebration of Christmas. For our ancestors, the return of the light was a time for celebration!

In the past Christmas was my favorite time of year, but the past couple of years the old traditional way of celebrating has resonated with me less and less. It was something always missing. This holiday season I decided to celebrate on my terms, celebrating a season of slowing down, reflecting, and restoration. When we recognize and celebrate the natural cycles it harmonizes us with Earth. We are all a part of a great cycle of seasons, which includes plants, animals, and elements. The Solstice also means planting seeds, planning and taking the time to dream of what we desire for the upcoming year.

How to celebrate the Winter Solstice!

1. Find a Yule log.

This year I chose to celebrate the Winter Solstice by finding a Yule log. I found one right in my backyard. You can source logs in many places, such as your local store, your neighbors or if you have a lot of trees surrounding you like I do you should have no problem finding one. Never cut anything off of a living tree if possible.

(To prepare my log I cut 6 slits into it for the slips of paper and left the space open in the middle for decoration.)

2. Prepare small slips of paper.

The slips of paper are for family and friends to write their intentions on. You may think that this part is easy, but I would really take the time to consider my intentions carefully, because this is a powerful time for manifestations.

3. Attach the intentions to the log.

Place your intentions in the cuts on the log. Your log should be covered in intentions and decorations that resonate with you. You have many options such as candles, pinecones, you could draw or burn symbols on both ends, or add flowers or bows! Get your creative juices flowing!

4. The celebration!

Start a fire in a fireplace, or fire pit, making sure it's nice and hot. Now have everyone gather around the fire and hold hands. This creates a connection with every one in the circle. Keep this connection for about 5 minutes, holding this sacred space and expressing how grateful we are to be together on this special evening. Grounding and expressing our love to the Earth for her gifts, knowledge, and the place we call home. Disconnect from the circle and throw the log on the fire. Now it's time to celebrate with mugs of hot chocolate or apple cider and of course food to celebrate the release of our intentions into the universe for the New Year ahead! This is a time of celebration, joy, and making memories with family and friends!

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand, and for a talk beside the fire. It is the time for home.” — Edith Sitwel

Closing Message

How ever you celebrate during the holidays make the tradition yours, show compassion, love, and empathy. Most importantly have fun doing it! Try what resonates with you! These are just ideas that resonate with me and my family. Find some way to incorporate the Solstices and Equinoxes into your life through out the year and Involve your family and friends and I guarantee they will remember it always!

Love & Blessings,


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